I went in for a consultation with Dr. Dimond I was very pleased with the time he spent and all of the information he provided, and wow what a great office staff they actually have alot of fun and seem to really like there jobs and have a great repore with Dr. Dimond. I am really glad I went there after seeing 2 other Dr's. I am excited and awaiting my surgery day. His office is really busy but worth the wait!  Denise S.


                                                                                                                                                                          I love the Juvederm...what a difference it made!  No down time, instant results.  I loved it.    Cindy K.


The office is very laid back.  I never felt pressure (like other offices).  Bev and LeeAnn answered my questions about skin care.  I chose the new line RevaleSkin.  I love it because it is only 3 steps.  It's so easy and what a difference it has made in my skin.     MaryAnn B.


I had my eyes (Blephs) done by Dr. Dimond.  I had my upper and lower lids done.  It was a very painless procedure. I'm so happy!  I don't look tired anymore, I think it has taken a few years off my appearance! Thanks to Dr. Dimond and Staff.   Joan P.


All I can say is that Dr. Dimond is a great Plastic Surgeon.  He takes the time to explain every little detail. His office is so easy to work with.  LeeAnn made the scheduling process so easy and she is so friendly. I had a great experience and would recommend Dr. Dimond and his staff to anyone.    Betty A.


I have been considering Breast Augmentation for a few years.  I had 3 consultations.  After my consult with Dr. Dimond and meeting his staff, I chose Dr. Dimond.  Dr. Dimond explained everything to me from start to finish.  I felt so comfortable.     Jenny K.


Wow, what a staff.  Bev and LeeAnn are top notch.  They both made me feel so comfortable and relaxed.  They are down to earth and very friendly.  You can tell they love their jobs!        Susan P. 








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